Wil West


2011 -


ARP Thurgau, AREG St. Gallen, Regio Wil, Bronschhofen Münchwilen Sirnach Wil


Wil, Switzerland


Commercial Space, Offices, Housing, Train Station, Recreation Areas


90ha / GFA 310.000 sqm


Study with pre-qualification 2011: 1st Prize. Commissioned for further development


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG, Zurich

Traffic Planning:

IBV W. Hüsler AG, Zürich

Landscape Architect:

Robin Winogrond Landschaftsarchitekten, Zürich

Economic Consulting:

Nüesch Development, Zürich


UrbanFarmers AG, Zürich


KEEAS Raumkonzepte, Zürich


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Together with a new highway exit and by-pass around Wil, a new development area for workplaces was to be defined. Yet, the surrounding region already has vacant commercial lots and outside the metropolitan regions, the demand for land is not high enough. This masterplan concept, therefore, proposed to re-position the area with a temporary use first and only then develop it in steps to achieve the final desired mix of functions.

An urban farm could serve as a transitional use. Such a project consists of greenhouses and fishtanks, involves low investment costs and generates returns quickly. With additional functions like a theme park, an interpretive center, a restaurant and a playground, it would create a visible identity for the site.

The affordable price of the land, the development potential, and the large, continuous plot of land in public hands (the Canton of St. Gallen) speak positively for the location. These assets will be best utilized by the current land-owner with transitional uses gradually upgrading the site. Infrastructure will only be constructed when necessary.

Planning will decouple the various requirements of the site and the infrastructure, therefore guaranteeing the largest possible freedom of action.

The urban layout developed during the study became the basis for the official masterplan currently being developed in collaboration with KEEAS, IBV, Robin Winogrond and the public hand.


The project in the press:

Kantone St. Gallen Und Thurgau Entwickeln Wil-West Gemeinsam.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung.  30.08.2013

Das Lehrstück von Wil West.”
Neue Zürcher Zeitung.  21.08.2014




Primary School Christoph Merian, Basel, 2019 –
Current phase: construction project

Airport Engadine, St. Moritz, 2020 –
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Mobility Hub, Zug, 2019 –
Future Parking Facility with retail component
Current phase: execution

Station Square and Roof, Herisau 2015 –
Current phase: public vote

MEWA-Areal, Wädenswil, 2018 –
Transformation Project from the former industrial estate to the mixed-use development with housing
Current phase: framework plan

Viererfeld, Bern, 2018 –
Current phase: on hold

Office Renovation, Zug, 2020 –
Current phase: execution

House Renovation, Zug, 2020 –
Current phase: preliminary design

Wilhelmsburg Rowing Club, 2020 –
Current phase: preliminary design

Cooperative Housing, Wetzikon, 2020 –
Current phase: preliminary design

House Renovation, Geneva, 2021 –
Current phase: preliminary design

Urban Design

Salina Raurica / Salinenhofquartier, Pratteln, 2018 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Metalli, Zug, 2017 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Tech Cluster Zug, 2015 –
Current state: transformation plan

Elbinselquartier Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, 2015 –
Current state: design guidelines

Bahnstadt Nürtingen, 2017 –
Current state: design manual

Urban Space Development Concept for SBB Basel Station, 2018 –
Current state: public consultation

KNZ Wil West, Thurgau / St. Gallen, 2011 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Station Area Dietikon, 2019 –
Current state: study with recommendation for further development

Areal Dübendorf, 2020 –
Current state: study

Areal Oerlikon, 2020 –
Current state: study

Areal Dierikon, 2015 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Station Herisau, 2013 –
Current state: areal development

Innovation Park Bergedorf, 2020 –
Current state: urban framework

Seetalstrasse Meierhöfli Emmen, 2020 –
Current state: test planning

ZHA, Boulevard, Hönggerberg Campus, 2020 –
Current state: ongoing (with Studio Vulkan)

Herrliberg-Feldmeilen station, 2020 –
Current state: study

Port City Riga, 2020 –
Current state: Urban design commission

Wankdorffeldstrasse, Bern, 2020 –
Current state: urban design study

St-Karli Brückenköpfe und Reussinsel, Luzern, 2020 –
Current state: urban design study

Campus Bochum, 2018 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Masterplan HB / Central 2050, Zurich, 2020 –
Current state: test planing (with Studio Vulkan)

Urban System Research

cividi gmbh – civic data intelligence, 2019 –
Digital tools for the analogue city
Current state: ongoing

The Industrious City – Book Publication, 2017 –
(Lars Müller Publishers)
Published / available on Lars Müller Publishers website and in bookstores.

Workplace Area Development, Winterthur, 2019 –
Current state: ongoing

Network strategy 2040 and
future public transport 2050, Zurich, 2020 –
Current state: ongoing (with IBV Hüsler)


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