Valley and Mountain Station Rigi




Rigi Bahnen AG


Weggis, Switzerland


Cable car station / parking garage


9’000 sqm


Selected competition, 2nd Prize


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG

Planning Team:

Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure AG
Westpol Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
Ghisleni Partner AG
Waldhauser+Hermann AG
Kuster+Partner AG Energie Bauphysik Akustik

From lake to mountain

In the spectacular landscape above the reflecting waters of Lake Lucerne, framed by dark hills, lies the valley station. Its two simple volumes are embedded in the green slope overlooking the lake.

Visitors reach it through the inviting front square on the Rigistrasse. On the hillside, the square is framed by a parking garage positioned in parallel to the slope and covered with greenery. The front opens towards the lake with a generous square and a group of trees providing shade in the summer.

The station building and gondola parking garage are located above the square. They are shaped as slightly staggered horizontal volumes. Simple forms, gable roofs and wooden outer layer evoke associations with the rural architecture of the Alpine region. In contrast, the wide-span trusses reveal the function of an infrastructural building and allow the volumes to be suspended in the air.

A generous staircase welcomes visitors with an inviting gesture and guides them to the open panoramic terrace. From here, one can contemplate the breathtaking beauty of Lake Lucerne and Central Switzerland. Behind the generous glass façade is located the multifunctional space. The stairs are leading further up to the heart of the station and at the top, a spacious lobby opens. With its open roof construction and visibly jointed materials, it conveys a sense of both authenticity and value. The panorama is even better seen from here. The impressive technology of the new gondola lift captivates the visitors even before they take the ride towards Kaltbad.

After a few minutes’ gondola ride, the silhouette of the summit station emerges behind a hilltop. Slowly, the gondola floats towards the archaic volume, a simpler and more robust version of the valley station. It reveals that nature is the protagonist here at Kaltbad. The visitors step out of the gondola and enter the front square between the thermal baths and the summit station. A cool and fresh mountain breeze welcomes them. The stair tower of the thermal bath points the way, like a stone manikin. The space opens towards the entrance to the thermal baths and the spacious staircase to the square, finally leading up to the queen of the mountains.



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