TCZ – Zephyr




V-Zug Immobilien AG


Zug, Switzerland


Manufacturing, offices, research, brand world


GFA 45.000 sqm


Invited Competition


Basler & Hofmann AG

TCZ – Zephyr

Zephyr is the first development step of the Technology Cluster Zug. It allows the company V-Zug to concentrate its manufacturing process on the Northern part of the site, freeing the Southern part for third party development. Zephyr, the “mild Western wind”, represents the V-Zug brand – from the heavy, raw material concrete base up to the ethereal lightness of the mirrored high-rise facade. The precisely trimmed building volume illustrates the competence of the company and the aspiration of the Technology Cluster; the green roof stands for an all-compassing sustainable site development. The three building parts break the industrial scale down to the scale of the city.

The industrial site of the future is transparent, interconnected and can easily react to changes. For V-Zug, this is made possible by dividing the site into three independent, specialised buildings – the atrium building, the press hall and the office high-rise. The complex programme is thus simplified and allows for a flexible, future-oriented portfolio; the concept reduces dependencies, allows to build in phases and enables a planning process that can integrate differentiated feedback of all stakeholders.

The Atrium Building represents the new transparency of the company: Assembly and research become connected, direct visibility and access is ensured. Guests can be lead through the whole space without interfering with the production – synergies between management, guests and production emerge. The third level is the centre of the development department – the V-Zug Labs. It’s a space for researching, developing, discussing and thinking; it is completely surrounded by a green terrace that allows to step out for a quick break, fresh air or intense thinking. The terrace ends in a large roof terrace above the press hall, next to the cafe as the central place of exchange. Connected to it is the cantilevering floor of the highrise, the V-Zug World, where brand and innovative products are shown. Below ground level the motherboard connects all areas of the V-Zug site.

The future of industrial planning is dominated by small, diversified batch sizes, technological change and decreasing margins in a global competition. Being ready for the future means the production has to be flexible and agile, with little fixed capital (flow production instead of workshop production) and innovative development (time to market). Today’s workshop production process needs to be optimized step by step to reduce the high amount of revolving stock; technical changes on the product as well as in the manufacturing technique are necessary. The more the production process can be flow-oriented, the less the revolving stock will become, drastically reducing buffer areas, staff and time. This is achieved by rotating the manufacturing process by 90 degrees on the site and producing from East to West – the assembly is now relocated to the first floor, which allows to separate it from the less clean processes in the ground floor, shaping a new clear order for the whole site.




Station square and station roof in Herisau, Switzerland
Current phase: construction documents

Benninger Areal, housing and retail development
Current phase: preliminary design

Interior design for an apartment in Park Tower, Zug
Recently completed

Mobility Hub / parking facility with retail component, Zug
Current phase: preliminary design

Parking garage with shop in Zug, Switzerland
Current phase: preliminary design

Riedmatt Ebikon / housing, retail, ateliers
Current phase: framework plan

Qube Ebikon / housing, retail, offices
Current phase: framework plan

House Chile, innovative single family home in forrest setting
Current phase: building permit documents

Buchs Areal Fegeren, building for precision-industry
Current phase: study

House Kyoto, community living, Japan
Current phase: study

Lachen SZ Alpenblickstrasse / high-rise housing
Current phase: study

Urban Design

Bahnstadt Nürtingen, Nürtingen
Current state: masterplan and function plan

Neugasse Zürich, urban design concept with public participation
Current state: presentation of urban design concept

Dessauer Strasse, Wolfsburg
Current state: competition waiting for further commission

Herisau site development, Herisau
Current state: process support and test planning

Technologiecluster Zug Masterplan, Zug
Current state: urban framework plan and design concept

Masterplan Dierikon, Switzerland
Current state: masterplan waiting for further commission

HafenCity Elbbrückenquartier, Hamburg
Current state: masterplan and framework plan

Wilhelmsburg Elbinselquartier, Hamburg
Current state: masterplan, function plan and typology studies

National Innovation Park Switzerland, Hub Zurich
Current state: Study on mobility-infrastructure

Leica Areal
Current state: study completed, next phase in planning

Innovation- and production park Patton Barracks, Heidelberg
Current state: urban framework plan

Wil West, Kanton Thurgau
Current state: urban framework plan

Visp Sägematte, Valais
Current state: study

Urban framework plan for the city of Zug
Current state: recently completed

Urban System Research

SmartUse / Space, Growth and BigData
Current state: ongoing

Winterthur 2040
Current state: ongoing

Harvard University Graduate School of Design / The Industrious City
Current state: in preparation

Development strategy for 3 communities in the Kanton St. Gallen, Switzerland


Zürich office

Flüelastrasse 10 8048 Zürich Switzerland (Google Maps)
T. +41 (0)43 243 6313 F. +41 (0)43 243 6315

Kyoto office

Jimukinoueda bldg. 602 21 Sakaimachi Gojo-Takakurakado Shimogyoku Kyoto Japan
T. +81 (0)75 744 1503