Station Area Basel SBB


2018 - 2020


Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement Kanton Basel-Stadt


Basel, Switzerland


Strategic development of urban space at SBB Basel train station


ca. 85 ha


Planer selection procedure


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG


KEEAS AG Raumkonzepte
IBV Hüsler AG



Urban Development Strategy – SBB Train Station Basel

As a basis for the further qualitative development of the city of Basel, it was crucial to align the requirements of the numerous upcoming architectural projects and urban plans with the increasing demand for infrastructural services in and around the train station. This was achieved by creating an integrated urban development strategy.

The Basel SBB railroad station as an important transit and arrival point is already reaching the limits of its capacity. The urban development strategy was triggered by a large-scale investment in the railroad infrastructure by the Swiss federal government. The most important projects are the “Herzstück” of Basel – an underground section between the SBB and the Badischer Bahnhof – and a series of measures to increase the operating capacity of the SBB station.

In addition, there are a number of other challenges that need to be addressed such as the large number of new construction projects, the high load on the public transport on the Centralbahnplatz and the surrounding area and the increase in the environmental impact due to extended periods of high temperatures.

The urban development strategy interprets urban space as one coherent system in which the Centralbahnplatz becomes an identity-building element of fundamental importance. It will be complemented by the new “Markthallenplatz” to be created between the Markthalle, the Elsässertor and the Margarethenbrücke to the north and the Meret Oppenheim-Platz to the south (which are important arrival points) and a series of connections to the city center and the neighboring quarters. Together, they will accommodate the growing flow of people. The newly created three-dimensional figure is to be designed, used, and experienced as the new face of the station. This resulted in proposals for several interventions and the reorganization around the urban space of the SBB station, which are elaborated in more detail in six in-depth studies.



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