Sonnenhof Bülach




Terresta Immobilien- und Verwaltungs AG


Bülach, Switzerland


Mixed use development, residential, office, culture, retail


19’000 sqm


Urban study


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG


Chaves Biedermann GmbH
IBV Hüsler AG
wh-p Ingenieure AG


Iurii Goncharenko Images


The Sonnenhof Bülach project sees itself as an independent, new neighborhood within the existing urban fabric. Existing structures are integrated, transformed and rethought. Learned addresses are preserved, urban spaces are enhanced and new qualities are created. The design blends into the local structure and granularity of buildings, loosely lined up along the historically curved Bahnhofstrasse and the buildings within the greenery behind it. Characteristic qualities of Bülach, such as the high porosity and the heavily greened living areas, are further developed and determine the appearance of the Sonnenhof quarter.

The area is characterized by the structure of its open space and, despite the relatively high density for Bülach, creates diverse and well-sunlit outdoor spaces, which stand in dialogue with the adjacent buildings. A clear hierarchy between public and semi-public space enables a natural orientation in the quarter.

Through its small-scale nature and granularity, the project can absorb the considerable change in terrain and enables a gentle and continuous course of the terrain without creating barriers in the landscape. The highest point of the silhouette lies in the middle of the site and thus marks the two Migros entrances. A high-rise building is deliberately avoided. It is neither necessary nor appropriate in the historical center of Bülach.

The urban setting creates a sequence of public and semi-public spaces, which not only open up a new urban perspective, but also enable a new form of community. Thanks to the attractive open spaces, the different ground floor uses and the diverse types of living, a place is created that develops an independent identity, enriches its immediate surroundings and at the same time embeds itself within the overall context.

The Kulturplatz forms the new cultural heart of the Sonnenhof quarter. The newly emerged square is flanked by buildings on all sides and has gastronomic and cultural uses on the ground floor. The former back of the ABC cinema becomes a high-quality space and center of attraction for the whole of Bülach, where cultural events, neighborhood festivals and weekly markets take place.



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