Train Station Bruggen-Haggen




Stadt St. Gallen, Stadtplanung


St. Gallen


Passerelle, lift- and stairtowers


2’000 sqm


Competition with pre-qualification, 3rd Prize


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG


Bänziger Partner
Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur


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Merging of the Bruggen and Haggen railway stations

The merging of the Bruggen and Haggen railway stations is key to the development of Lerchenfeld, one of St. Gallen’s four important urban development areas. Its accessibility will be substantially enhanced with this comparatively simple measure.

However, the two lines of the new railway station are still at two different levels, and their lower arrival point on Haggenstrasse is one level lower. In order to improve the connection, but also to increase the visibility of the new station, new infrastructures are being created: on the one hand, the three levels are being brought together via a clearly legible exterior design, and on the other hand, a passerelle connects the levels directly. It is visible as a new landmark, positions the railway station in the city and the region and refers to the Lerchenfeld innovation district.

The new passerelle establishes the fastest, most comfortable routes possible without duplicating or competing with the connections on the surface. With a horizontal connection, a staircase and two lift towers, all necessary connections are covered, the Disability Discrimination Act is complied with and the necessary evacuation is ensured. There are two routes from Haggen station (SOB) to the valley level: the scenic route via the large open-space staircase, square, subway and the external ramps, which are embedded in the topography; and the route via the passerelle via the lift or stair tower to Haggenstrasse. A staircase on the upper lift tower to Gröblistrasse has therefore been omitted.

The industrial environment, history and innovative future of the site inspire the design and materialisation. The focus was on a simple technical structure. In order to achieve the slimmest possible silhouette and an efficient construction method, the three vertical elements are each guided individually. The stair tower on Haggenstrasse is detached from the lift tower, but sits on the in-situ concrete base, the height of which is defined by the subway from Haggen railway station. The staircase is designed to be as efficient and material-saving as possible with rounded landings. At the same time, the staircase tower is thus set free as an iconic object and becomes a landmark of the new railway station.

The materials are used according to their talents. In-situ concrete for the vertical supporting structure elements, steel for the passerelle, aluminium for the staircase cladding, expanded metal for transparent cladding and fall protection, a wooden soffit inside the passerelle. The result is an interplay of metallic, mineral and organic surfaces, which are staged over the course of the day and through an atmospheric lighting concept.

The open space figure and passerelle interact with the existing situation, but also establish a new urban quality for the future.



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