QUBE Ebikon




Cooperative Migros Luzern


Ebikon, Switzerland


Housing, retail, commercial, offices


GFA 33'500 sqm


Direct commission -
design concept


Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
Team Verkehr Zug AG
Emch+Berger WSB AG
KEEAS Raumkonzepte
TGS Bauökonomen AG
Quint AG

Landscape architect:

Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, Zurich

Traffic planning:

Team Verkehr Zug AG


Emch + Berger WSB AG

Environmental engineer:


Spatial coordination:

KEEAS Raumkonzepte, Zurich

Cost planning:

TGS Bauökonomen AG, Luzern


Quint AG Marketing & Communication, Cham

The new quarter on the MParc site

In the urban landscape of the agglomeration, urban demands meet rural ideals. This clash of interests transforms the space, questions identities, and yet offers new opportunities. Don`t we already live today in a densified landscape or in urban villages; in an arcadian urban landscape? How do we design this transformation so that fragments turn into places and anecdotes become shared narratives?

In the MParc area of Ebikon a new quarter will be created. In addition to individual spatial solutions for the future inhabitants of the area, the quarter will add value for the common good of the local community. Generous, publicly accessible open and shared spaces, a public park framed with a row of trees, small alleys and spaces for commercial activities contribute to the urban biotope in the agglomeration. In the heart of the quarter lies the `lobby` – an existing glasshouse that will transform into a do-it-yourself hall; an active, creative meeting point for the local community.

Starting from the end of 2019, there will be 250 planned apartments. Next to three and four room apartments there will be flexibly designed spaces for living and working that can fit and adapt to the tenants’ changing life situations. A variety of individual apartment configurations offer space for traditional and alternative forms of living; generous apartments for families, smaller units for singles, flexibly designed spaces for patchwork families, ateliers that can combine living and working, and offers for special needs with services for the third and fourth phases of life.

With the opening of the Mall of Switzerland in the autumn of 2017, all the Migros specialized shops and the supermarket from MParc will move into the new shopping center and will make way for a new mixed use housing and office area in Ebikon. The planning of the new quarter is based on the new masterplan of the municipality and supports the spatial development goals of Ebikon. The design concept serves as a base for the new urban framework plan that extends the center zone of Ebikon and makes this new neighborhood possible.



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