Partnership Šmartinska




City of Ljubljana


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Office, Housing, Retail, Leisure, Park, Public Space


230 ha


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG, Zürich


Competition: 1st prize Commissioned for integrated masterplan Zoning plan revision completed 2011


Space Syntax, London

Traffic Planning:

IBV W. Hüsler AG, Zürich

Strategy / Finance:

Mountainworks, Den Haag Fakton, Rotterdam Zaja Real Estate, Den Haag

Landscape Architect:

Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich

Sustainability Strategy:

Arup, London




Rendertaxi, Aachen

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2008 – 1st Prize

Ljubljana has a unique historic opportunity to seize the benefits of national independence, EU membership and strong economic development and to define the role and identity of a capital in the 21st century. The largest project currently is the Partnership Šmartinska Masterplan, a private-public partnership between the City of Ljubljana and ten private land owners. The project has been developed by Hosoya Schaefer and their team of planers, incorporated into the new zoning plan of the city and will be executed in steps over many years.

This project proposes a process of phased urban renovation supported by an improved spatial layout and the implementation of new, multimodal, and sustainable infrastructure. The most optimistic scenario envisions 1.5 mio sqm of new development on this 230 ha large site over the next 25 years.

At the area’s heart is a triangular central park of 5.9 ha. On its north side a new boulevard transverses the entire site. This road is the infrastructural backbone and main organizing element of the redevelopment area, connecting it to the central station and the city center.

The proposal is based on two different urban patterns and their associated functions: the extension of the city fabric with a flexible program mix utilizing the primary typology of the perimeter block and the extension of the shopping area in the east (BTC) with its generous spaces, large volumes, and shorter building-life cycles offering high commercial returns.


Light Capital

The Berlage Institute Research Report, Urban Scripts for Ljubljana, 10/06



Herrliberg-Feldmeilen station, 2020 –
Current state: framework plan

Haus Myrte, Wädenswil, 2022 –
Current phase: tender

House Renovation, Geneva, 2021 –
Current phase: ongoing

Airport Engadin, St. Moritz, 2020 –
Current phase: construction project

Cooperative Housing, Wetzikon, 2020 –
Current phase: tender, 2020 –
Current phase: Project phases design to operation

ZHA, Boulevard, Hönggerberg Campus, 2020 –
Current state: ongoing (with Studio Vulkan)

Wilhelmsburg Rowing Club, 2020 –
Current phase: execution planning

Primary School Christoph Merian, Basel, 2019 –
Current phase: construction project

Station Square and Roof, Herisau 2015 –
Current phase: tender

MEWA-Areal, Wädenswil, 2018 –
Transformation Project from the former industrial estate to the mixed-use development with housing
Current phase: framework plan

Viererfeld, Bern, 2018 –
Current phase: on hold

Urban Design

Bahnhof Romanshorn, 2022 –
Current state: study (with Sudio Vulkan)

Kaserne Aarau, 2022 –
Current state: urban framework

Areale Wittenbach, 2022 –
Current state: urban design commission

Stiftungsareal Neumünster, 2022 –
Current state: study

Kieler Schloss, 2022 –
Current state: Public think tank on usage and architecture

Campus Heidelberg, 2021 –
Current state: Masterplan process, in-depth studies

Otterbach Süd, 2020 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Innovation Park Bergedorf, 2020 –
Current state: urban framework

Station Area Dietikon, 2019 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Campus Bochum, 2018 –
Current state: project support

Metalli, Zug, 2017 –
Current state: project support

Bahnstadt Nürtingen, 2017 –
Current state: project support

Areal Neugasse Zürich, 2016 –
Current state: completion of master plan, public consultation

Elbinselquartier Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, 2015 –
Current state: project support

Tech Cluster Zug, 2015 –
Current state: transformation plan

Station Herisau, 2013 –
Current state: areal development

KNZ Wil West, Thurgau / St. Gallen, 2011 –
Current state: project support

Urban System Research

Metaverse, 2022 –
Current state: ongoing

Entwicklungskonzept Würzenbach, 2022 –
Current state: ongoing

ESP Hochdorf, 2021 –
Current state: spatial-urban as well as use- and circular-based development concept

Deep Urbanism, 2021 –
Current state: ongoing

cividi gmbh – civic data intelligence, 2019 –
Digital tools for the analogue city
Current state: ongoing


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