2010 - 2011


Association Metropolitanraum Zürich


Zürich, Switzerland


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG, Zürich


Study with pre-qualification 2010

Metropolitan Region Zurich, Switzerland

A Metrobild (image or concept plan) for the Metropolitan Region of Zürich was commissioned by the Metropolitan Conference of Zürich. This conference is a co-operation between municipalities, cantons, and cities in the greater Zürich area that aims to further improve the region and its location factors. The concept plan reveals Zürich as a diverse mosaic of locations that in its totality competes in the global market. Specific areas within the larger region are simultaneously cooperating and competing in a process of “coopetition.”

Zürich is the region’s center and its gateway to the world, but most of its development opportunities are located outside the city area. In order to preserve the vitality of this mosaic of locations and to reinforce its diversity, such developments need to be better coordinated.

The Metrobild of the Zürich region is mediating between different scales; it is reducing complexity and serving as a strategic tool that enables dialogue between various stakeholders and professional disciplines.

The Metrobild consists of structure (terrain, spatial planning, and infrastructure), gestalt (identity of locations and their capacity for change), and form (urban design, architecture, and public space.

Based on this framework, a series of strategic development opportunities emerges, which are illustrated and explained in the project. One example is the concept of a “Science Valley” for the Glattal area stretching from Affoltern to Uster, which utilizes historic country roads as an urban backbone.





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