Master Plan Municipality Ebikon


2014 - 2015


Ebikon Municipal Council


Ebikon, Switzerland


Municipality Master Plan, Study of the Municipal Centre


9.68 sqkm


Direct commission with pre-qualification: Approved by Municipal Council on 1. April 2015


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG

Planning Team:

Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitekten
IBV Hüsler AG

Master plan and area development of the historical center of Ebikon municipality

The agglomeration of Luzern has reached Ebikon. However, inhabitants don’t see themselves as part of Luzern, the original village centre of Ebikon is still their main point of reference. The Ebikon Masterplan restores the historical structures and the relationship with the landscape; it provides strategies and tools in order to strengthen the original layout versus the agglomeration of Luzern.

The new general principle for Ebikon is that of an “urban village” – urban as well as rural moments are possible and allow a coherent interpretation of the Ebikon of today. Landscape, open space and a network of connections support rural atmospheres, while dense and identity-establishing structures work against the dynamics of the agglomeration and create new urban focal points inside of Ebikon.

The landscape as well as historical structures are interpreted as the main identity bands of Ebikon, restoring the original orientation and overwriting the zoning plan. Those bands are networked in a new way through so-called “Spiessli” – connections skewering different functional areas and identities, thus connecting them. Specific measures and interventions are defined, strengthening slow traffic and the attractiveness of the centre. A new, dense development area close to the station – the Feldmatt quarter – promotes public transport.

The masterplan proposes a new interpretation of the historical centre – the hill where the first buildings were located becomes the “Moraine Park”, offering open space quality to the inhabitants and marking it as a special place along the main cantonal road. Traffic infrastructures are reduced and public program returns to the center of Ebikon.



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