Harvard University GSD


2011 Spring


Harvard University Graduate School of Design / Department of Architecture


Cambridge, USA


Teaching Advanced Design Option Studio


Visiting Critic


Hiromi Hosoya


New Metabolism – Proposal for the redevelopment of the former Osaka Expo 1970 site


In 1970, the world expo was held in Osaka. This was the first world fair held in Japan and the most numbers of visitors ever until Shanghai 2010. Kenzo Tange designed its master plan, and 12 other Japanese architects built projects within the total site of 330ha. After 1972, the site of the Osaka Expo became the “Expo Commemoration Park” and was managed both by the State and the Osaka Prefecture. The southern portion was turned into an amusement park. Since 2003, an independent administrative organization called the “Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition 1970” was formed. All pavilions and historically important architectural monuments were demolished except some memorial buildings and pieces. Currently, the area contains a nature park of 985,000m2 with 600,000 trees. While the state decided to abolish the independent administrative organization and to shift the management of the Expo Commemoration Park to the regional administration by the end of 2010, the Osaka Prefecture announced to seek for public proposals to redevelop the area of 20-30ha of the amusement park which by now had been closed. The proposals should include an entertainment function and be able to turn the site into an internationally viable tourist attraction with more than 5,000,000 visitors per year.

How can we use this redevelopment project for the benefit of the city?
What are the main constraints and drivers in the urban context?
What do the programmatic content and the theme of Metabolism have to offer?



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