Dietenbach Freiburg




City of Freiburg


Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Mixed use, residential, office, public functions


104 ha


Open two-phased competition, 2nd prize


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG

Planning Team:

Agence Ter, Karlsruhe

Urban Neighborhoods in Dietenbach

The new urban district Dietenbach offers a mixture of dense urbanity and mixed use on one hand and green living spaces and open landscapes on the other hand. At the district level, this is achieved by two expanding park bands contrasting with the dense city. At the neighborhood level, the large Dietenbach blocks define urban streetscape at its edge while offering diverse, green housing areas inside of it and provide the same combination of urban and green. The Dietenbach blocks in itself consist of several block units and are completely car-free.

A Boulevard in the form of a Z connects the two connection points of the larger network and creates strong district entrances. In the district center, the boulevard is separated from the tram route and runs parallel to it. Between those two streets, the urban center is located. By dividing those two routes, it becomes possible to create a dense, urban spatial experience and to avoid wide, traffic-dominated streets. A Green Ring for bicycles connects all neighborhood squares and forms the shortest way of moving within the district. This makes it attractive to use alternative forms of mobility. The Dietenbach block allows for a large variety of urban forms inside without disturbing the urban district identity along the main streets. Special, innovative developments for cooperatives and other parties can be easily integrated.



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