Bluefactory Fribourg




Bluefactory Fribourg-Freiburg SA


Fribourg, Switzerland


Offices, Laboratories, Restaurant


GFA 11.000 sqm


Invited Competition


Hosoya Schaefer Architects AG

Planning Team:

Thomas Jundt Ingénieurs Civils SA
Waldhauser+Hermann AG
LZA Architectes SA
Blumer-Lehmann AG
Basler & Hofmann AG

Reusing an Old Production Hall

The former site of Cardinal beer brewery in Fribourg, Switzerland, will be transformed into a large business and innovation park. Reusing the old production hall, we were asked to design the building for a new use.

The program includes offices, different types of laboratories, multi-purpose spaces, and restaurant. We proposed to encourage creative interaction among occupants by spatially connecting different floor levels. This can be achieved by inserting a central atrium as the main circulation space. Furthermore, the atrium space can be used for not only informal meetings but also public and shared programs.

The challenging demands of the competition brief requiring daylight for most of the spaces and the deep floor plan of the existing building was turned into an advantage. All the variations of working spaces are arranged along the facade for the best daylight exposure. In the area where it used to be very dark, a new atrium was inserted and meeting rooms are organised around it.

We chose a simple wood structure for logistical and environmental reasons. The wood structure is made of timber columns and beams. And, the timber beams are placed in a 4×4 meter grid structure. Dimensions were carefully decided to fit in with existing structure of the historical production hall and the sizes of required rooms. Prefabricated joints allow for a time-saving and flexible construction process.

By inserting a simple and tolerant wood structure, a large industrial complex building becomes inhabitable and is adjusted to human scale. The structure thus creates a comfortable new working environment.



Zürich office

Flüelastrasse 10, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland (Google Maps)
T. +41 43 243 6313 F.

CAREER: (Please refer to our OFFICE > CAREER section for further information)

Kyoto office

Jimukinoueda bldg. 603, 21 Sakaicho, Gojo-Takakurakado, Shimogyoku, Kyoto 600-8191, Japan
T. +81 75 744 1503