Ara and Neumann & Büren Areal


2023 -


City of Langenfeld


Langenfeld, Germany


Mixed urban quarter


PLOT: 68'175 sqm
GFA: 77'350 sqm


Invited competition


Hosoya Schaefer Architects


Agence Ter Landschaftsarchitekten


Hosoya Schaefer Architects


Two commercial sites are situated within the diverse urban landscape of Langenfeld, characterised by a wide variety of scales, uses, and qualities. Consequently, they hold the potential to significantly improve the development of the entire suburb.
The incorporation of additional open spaces and pathways is crucial. The project’s concept includes an urban avenue in the north (Hardt) and a blue-green landscape strip in the south. These elements effectively integrate, address, and spatially organise the commercial area, enhancing its atmosphere. Short routes into the countryside for recreational activities, accessible by foot or bike, are planned to the south, while provisions for local transport, individual mobility, and urban connectivity are considered for the northern cityscape. Moreover, the presence of several green stepping stones between these spatial bands enriches the surrounding neighbourhoods and creates networking opportunities. Examples of these stepping stones include the cemetery and the Jansenbusch forest island.

The key to the area’s development is an effective utilisation concept that strategically focuses on the city, neighbourhood, and district levels. This approach balances the desires of the citizens with economic viability. The Neumann and Büren area plays and important role for the entire urban community, together with the Immigrather Platz. In contrast, the Ara area is seamlessly integrated into the neighbourhood fabric, enhancing it with designated gathering spots. Furthermore, communal amenities cater to the area’s residents. The outcome is a carefully planned utilisation and open space system

The Neumann and Büren area stands out architecturally and spatially within Langenfeld, offering a unique location that is exceptionally well-suited to meet the demands of both residential and commercial needs in a distinctive environment. Its historical significance also enhances its potential for integrating social, cultural, and culinary offerings. Positioned with industrial zones to the north, residential areas to the south, and sociocultural amenities stretching westward toward the park, this development is shaping into a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood. It seamlessly integrates with existing structures within the district, fostering connections and injecting new vitality and allure into the area.

The high demand for housing in Langenfeld necessitates the construction of denser, multi-storey buildings on the ARA site. Despite their density, these buildings harmonise well with the site’s scale and boundaries integrating seamlessly in terms of structure, materiality, and permeability with the designed building typologies. The development plan includes the creation of four new courtyard types and the adaptation of two existing ones, primarily for residential use. Non-disruptive commercial and office spaces are planned for locations less affected by emissions. The well-defined public and private open spaces encourage social interaction and recreation, while private gardens, balconies, and roof terraces offer tranquil retreats.



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