HOSOYA SCHAEFER is a Zürich-based studio for architectural designs, strategies, and research. It was founded by Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya in 2003. With an international network of collaborators, the studio is involved in building design and realization, urban design, media installations, strategic planning, and consulting.



Hiromi Hosoya

Markus Schaefer

Alexander Kneer


Mélanie Jeannet

Valentin Ott

Axel Schmidt


Martin Achermann

Gianni Arcangioli

Christian Calle Figueroa

Nick Däschler

Raphael Disler

Oliver Franz

Iurii Goncharenko

Erwin Gruber

Florian Heeb

Pierre-Jean Holl

Corinne Huber

Joy Hungerbühler

Damjan Kokalevski

Victor Lepik

Martyna Michalik

Viktória Molnár

Ekaterina Nagibina-François

Brigitte Odermatt

Daniel Ostrowski

Theodore Perdios

Toru Shimizu

Helena Sladovníková

Juris Strangots

Alain Vorlet

Thorben Westerhuys

Collaborators 2003-2020:

Sarah Asseel, Christian Bandi, Albert Beele, Isabelle Bentz, Karlis Berzins, Charilaos Biskos, Marija Blagojevic, Mark Bol, Michael Bühler, Claudia Brunier-Ernst, Ricardo Cabrera-Nyst Garrido, Sasha Cisar, Carlos Cordero Aguaded, Annabel Cremer, Ziyue Ding, Maget El Sadek, Marcel Erismann, Elisa Forster, Michele Fumagalli, Daniel Angulo Garcia, Tota Goya, Yann Gramegna, Seung-Jin Ham, Dirk Hamdorf, Nils Havelka, Teppei Iizuka, Ryoko Ikeda, Milena Isler, Marco Jacomella, Katharina Keckeis, Thomas Kägi, Lucas Krupp, Bavo Lauwers, Fabian Liszt, Radu-Remus Macovei, Eike Delia Martens, Khalil Mdimagh, Max Michels, Francis Moss, Wataru Nagatomo, Naohiko Murata, Karl Johan Nyqvist, Anna Page, Deborah Park, Noelle Paulson, Stelios Psaltis, Ludovic Regnault, Yves Reinacher, Esther Reinhardt, Beatrice Roth, Yo Shimura, Rafael Schmidt, Roland Schreiber, Florian Schrott, Frank Schwenk, Cindy Schwenke, Lukas Schwitter, Dagnija Smilga, Izumi Soeda, Lena Stäheli-Shinohara, Alisa Stepanova,Tanja Sussmann, Ryuhei Suzuki, Martin Tann, Mike Taylor, Dai Tomioka, Stefan Vetsch, Simon Kramer Vrscaj, Pascal Waldburger, Shi-Yuan Wang, Andy Westner, Akihiro Yamamoto, Changho Yeo, Guillaume Yersin, Hyuck-Jin Yoon, Zane Zeivate




We are always looking for ambitious and motivated students or recent graduates to join our international team in Zurich. Interns are employed on a full-time basis for a minimum 6 month term. Applicants should possess a strong track-record in design and rich skill set including: model-making, AutoCAD, and other graphic software such as Rhino 3D and Adobe Creative Suite. Proficiency in German is preferred for this position. Applicants must be eligible for all necessary work permits/visas during their stay in Switzerland.

If you are interested in joining our young, international, and ambitious team in Zurich, we look forward to receiving your application. Please send all materials, including CV and work samples (max 3MB) to:








For the project “tech Cluster Zug, Switzerland” in the category of urban planning facilities.

> Tech Cluster Zug

iF Communication Design Award

For the project “MobiGlobe 3” in the category Corporate Architecture - Communication Media in Architecture and Public Spaces.

> MobiGlobe 3

Red Dot Communication Design Award – Grand Prix

For the project “MobiGlobe 3” in the category Interface Design.

> MobiGlobe 3

iF Communication Design Award – Gold

For the project “Universum der Ozeane” in the category online / offline application.

> ZDF – Ocean Worlds

Red Dot Communication Design Award – Gold

For the project “Universum der Ozeane” in the category online / offline application.

> ZDF – Ocean Worlds

Design Preis Deutschland

The application "Universum der Ozeane" is nominated for the Design Preis Deutschland.

> ZDF – Ocean Worlds

International Serious Play – Bronze

For the project “Universum der Ozeane”.

> ZDF – Ocean Worlds


Special Award “New Generation” at the Contractworld Awards 2008 for the project ANAN in Wolfsburg.

> AnAn

Event Design Awards – Silver

For the project Mobiglobe 2006 together with Ralph Appelbaum Ass., New York, and Henn Architekten, Munich in the category “Permanent Installation”.

> MobiGlobe 1


Out of Fashion

Essay by Markus Schaefer, Content: AMO/OMA Projects for Prada

Tokyo Metabolism

Essay by Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer, Tokyo Life: Tokyo Metabolism, 05/01

Tokyo Metabolism

Essays by Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer, Harvard Guide to Shopping: Project on the City by Rem Koolhaas



Primary School Christoph Merian, Basel, 2019 –
Current phase: preliminary design

Airport Engadine, St. Moritz, 2020 –
Current phase: preliminary design

Mobility Hub, Zug, 2019 –
Future Parking Facility with retail component
Current phase: tender documentation

Station Square and Roof, Herisau 2015 –
Current phase: public vote

MEWA-Areal, Wädenswil, 2018 –
Transformation Project from the former industrial estate to the mixed-use development with housing
Current phase: framework plan

Viererfeld, Bern, 2018 –
Current phase: on hold

Office Renovation, Zug, 2020 –
Current phase: execution

House Renovation, Zug, 2020 –
Current phase: study

Urban Design

Salina Raurica / Salinenhofquartier, Pratteln, 2018 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Metalli, Zug, 2017 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Tech Cluster Zug, 2015 –
Current state: transformation plan

Elbinselquartier Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, 2015 –
Current state: design guidelines

Bahnstadt Nürtingen, 2017 –
Current state: design manual

KNZ Wil West, Thurgau / St. Gallen, 2011 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Bell-Areal, Kriens, 2020 –
Current state: competition

Station Area Dietikon, 2019 –
Current state: study with recommendation for further development

Areal Dübendorf, 2020 –
Current state: study

Areal Oerlikon, 2020 –
Current state: study

Areal Dierikon, 2015 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Station Herisau, 2013 –
Current state: areal development

Urban System Research

cividi gmbh – civic data intelligence, 2019 –
Digital tools for the analogue city
Current state: ongoing

The Industrious City – Book Publication, 2017 –
(Lars Müller Publishers)
Published in fall 2020

Workplace Area Development, Winterthur, 2019 –
Current state: ongoing

Network strategy 2040 and
future public transport 2050, Zurich
Current state: ongoing (with IBV Hüsler)


Zürich office

Flüelastrasse 10 8048 Zürich Switzerland (Google Maps)
T. +41 (0)43 243 6313 F. +41 (0)43 243 6315

Kyoto office

Jimukinoueda bldg. 602 21 Sakaimachi Gojo-Takakurakado Shimogyoku Kyoto Japan
T. +81 (0)75 744 1503