First Prize Primary School «Christoph Merian»

Hosoya Schaefer Architects won the competition for the extension and renovation of the primary school Christoph Merian in Basel. Extract from the report of the competition jury:

“The project proposal carefully yet confidently extends the existing Christoph Merian school building with a narrow, four-storey wing. The entire school complex is extended in a self-evident and convincing urban solution and creates a sequence of longitudinal and transverse school buildings along the Emanuel Büchel-Strasse. … The subtle structure of the existing and new buildings manifests itself on the façade. The appearance of the extension is determined by its structural system, while the existing building is being renovated with a self-supporting concrete facade. The tectonics of the façade show the internal structure, consisting of a concrete base and a stacked wooden structure with ceiling-height glazing.”



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