ZHdK Master Workshop 2015

Markus Schaefer and Lucas Krupp from Hosoya Schaefer Architects in collaboration with Antonio Scarponi will be teaching at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) at the International Master Workshop 2015 “Intencity”. The Session 1 under the title “A Book Of Faces, … Or a Stroll Through the Urban Imaginary” , the first in series of five organized between ZHdK and University of Hong Kong, will take place in Zurich from March 23 – 27 2015.

The “Intencity” workshop at ZHdK’s Connecting Space in Hong Kong brings together three core concepts of metropolis-based design work:

-Intensity: The intensity and diversity of lifestyles in which architecture, movement, and sound set the pace of everyday life.

-Density: The physical and cultural density of spaces and the human experiences within those spaces. The simultaneity of events, emotions, and objects.

-City: The city, whose cultural, social, and economic significance is experienced individually. The cetreperiphery dramaturgy and its particular possibilities and limits.


Workshop 1 Zurich
“A Book Of Faces, … Or a Stroll Through the Urban Imaginary”
Markus Schaefer, Anotnio Scraponi and Lucas Krupp

Workshop 2 Hong Kong
“Codesign With Superdensity”
Dr Yanki Lee and Albert Tsang, HKDI DESIS Lab for Social Design Research

Workshop 3 Hong Kong
Parallel Labs – Caroline Wuthrich and Geraldine Borio

Workshop 4 Hong Kong
“The Intangible”
Kingsley Ng, interdisciplinary artist

Workshop 5 Hong Kong
“The Great Northern”
A five-day workshop by Michael Leung

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