Venice Biennale – Projecting the City

Invited by the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale, Cities, Architecture and Society, curated by Richard Burdett, the Berlage Institute showcases its distinctive approach to contemporary architecture through an exhibit in the Italian Pavilion of the Giardini from 10 September to 17 November.

Visitors assume a privileged view of four research studios focused on actual conditions and their unconventional strategies toward urbanization close and far from home. An evocative video installation showcases the studio professors’ various expertises and opens the Berlage’s ongoing debate and discussion to a wider public, in line with the nature of the Institute’s freely available lectures, presentations and gallery exhibitions. In addition, seven poster-books of the research reports have been printed especially for the exhibition, along with an oversized Biennale hunch magazine including the Berlage Menu for Research, manifestos on the city and the prospectus.

The impetus of the exhibit is the Berlage Institute’s project on the city; not merely a project of research, but an attempt to project the city. The desire to go beyond the attitude of “just mapping” our existing urbanity in order to seek its reinvention drives this endeavor. The exhibition Beyond Mapping: Projecting the City illustrates this pro-active tactic through the presentation of four, of many, architectural expertises: Associativity, Representation, Scripting and Negotiation. Via this specific architectural knowledge, and the inherent ideology contained within each expertise, alternative projects re-envision six paradigmatic urban conditions: Madrid, Moscow, Tirana, Brussels, Ljubljana and unknown urbanity in China.

Location: Venice Biennale
Curation: Jennifer Sigler, Roemer van Toorn
Exhibition Team: Berlage Institute, SMAK Projects, Zuis, NL Ontwerp
Project (one of four): Light Capital: Urban Scripts for Ljubljana
Tutors: Markus Schaefer (Hosoya Schaefer Architects), Marijn Spoelstra (Mountainworks)
Team: Tina Jelenc, Jung Bin Kim, Ryuuta Oohori, Yoko Sano, Changho Yeo



Herrliberg-Feldmeilen station, 2020 –
Current state: framework plan

Haus Myrte, Wädenswil, 2022 –
Current phase: tender

House Renovation, Geneva, 2021 –
Current phase: ongoing

Airport Engadin, St. Moritz, 2020 –
Current phase: construction project

Cooperative Housing, Wetzikon, 2020 –
Current phase: tender, 2020 –
Current phase: Project phases design to operation

ZHA, Boulevard, Hönggerberg Campus, 2020 –
Current state: ongoing (with Studio Vulkan)

Wilhelmsburg Rowing Club, 2020 –
Current phase: execution planning

Primary School Christoph Merian, Basel, 2019 –
Current phase: construction project

Station Square and Roof, Herisau 2015 –
Current phase: tender

MEWA-Areal, Wädenswil, 2018 –
Transformation Project from the former industrial estate to the mixed-use development with housing
Current phase: framework plan

Viererfeld, Bern, 2018 –
Current phase: on hold

Urban Design

Bahnhof Romanshorn, 2022 –
Current state: study (with Sudio Vulkan)

Kaserne Aarau, 2022 –
Current state: urban framework

Areale Wittenbach, 2022 –
Current state: urban design commission

Stiftungsareal Neumünster, 2022 –
Current state: study

Kieler Schloss, 2022 –
Current state: Public think tank on usage and architecture

Campus Heidelberg, 2021 –
Current state: Masterplan process, in-depth studies

Otterbach Süd, 2020 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Innovation Park Bergedorf, 2020 –
Current state: urban framework

Station Area Dietikon, 2019 –
Current state: urban framework plan

Campus Bochum, 2018 –
Current state: project support

Metalli, Zug, 2017 –
Current state: project support

Bahnstadt Nürtingen, 2017 –
Current state: project support

Areal Neugasse Zürich, 2016 –
Current state: completion of master plan, public consultation

Elbinselquartier Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, 2015 –
Current state: project support

Tech Cluster Zug, 2015 –
Current state: transformation plan

Station Herisau, 2013 –
Current state: areal development

KNZ Wil West, Thurgau / St. Gallen, 2011 –
Current state: project support

Urban System Research

Metaverse, 2022 –
Current state: ongoing

Entwicklungskonzept Würzenbach, 2022 –
Current state: ongoing

ESP Hochdorf, 2021 –
Current state: spatial-urban as well as use- and circular-based development concept

Deep Urbanism, 2021 –
Current state: ongoing

cividi gmbh – civic data intelligence, 2019 –
Digital tools for the analogue city
Current state: ongoing


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